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Incidentshare go is a webbased software platform that makes you able to stream live video from DJI products with the DJI GO app or from Incendiums Incidentshare app for IOS and Android, it´s secure and you´r also able to lock the stream down so only the IP adresse you have choosen is able to view the stream .

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The basic account cost 20€ a month if you subscribe annualy and 25€ for a month to month subscription

  • You can have 3 concurrent viewers watching your stream
  • The stream is encrypted for both flash and https
  • You can whitelist 2 ip adresses if you like to add extra security, then the stream is only visible from these IP´s you can change them at any time
  • We save the latest stream for you, so it´s visible when you are logged in
  • Site runs on https
  • Latency when watching from webbrowser like chrome is from 1-4 seconds, this also depends on the network quality from where you stream
  • Latency on mobile phones is around 20-30 seconds
  • You can stream live from DJI products or any other camera/encoder that supports rtmp 
  • You can stream live from your tablet/phone using our Incidentshare app

You can download the incidentshare app on the apple app store or in google play, to use it you need an account with username and password 


goole play

When you have installed the app type your domain username and password and you ready to stream, it´s that simple.  If you have more advanced needs for customized settings, bonding network(use wifi and Lte/4g at the same time) please contact us.
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