Improve customer engagement through live video

Video is one the most powerful way to connect and communicate with your customers, stakeholders or employees, who needs to have the same information in real-time. Live video helps you to break down the geographic boundaries for situational awareness and brings a distinctly human element to digital interactions.

  • Engage customer through a more immersive experience
  • Secure your organization video and improve your effectiveness.
  • Break down geographic boundaries to create a global situational awareness, synchronized user experience, securely. 

IncidentShare GO is your new video service that gives access to and discovery of your drone videos at work. Starting today, anyone with a business email address can sign up for the preview in seconds and begin streaming, sharing videos in their organization. By taking the “work” out of managing video storage and security, the IncidentShare Go enables organizations and their employees to communicate and collaborate with video more easily.

Transform the way you communicate

IncidentShare GO makes it easy to deliver drone inspections, trainings, department communications, town halls, educations to employees or customers everywhere. Power your engagement and collaboration through a secure, internal facing video delivered via a live and on-demand streaming platform that’s automatically updated with new features, alleviating costly updates and continued maintenance from IT.

Live video helps improve communication and can drive higher levels of engagement by broadcasting your drone, app or RTMP videos directly to your customers or employees. 

  • Sign up in seconds: Get started with IncidentShare GO in as few as sixty seconds with easy signup.

  • Easily start a live stream: With easy integration capabilities to any DJI drone or OSMO camera, share your videos securely 

  • Watch anywhere, on any device, anytime: View latest recordings on all your devices from anywhere, anytime.

  • Secure video management: Manage who views your video content by determining how widely to share within your organization. Secure application access is enabled by adding IP restriction layer management, to protect sensitive corporate content. 

Created in May 2017, the IncidentShare GO cloud video brings together innovations from Incendium's streaming solutions for law enforcement and Fire & Rescue services with the cloud video platform and streaming capabilities. Through the IncidentShare GO plarform, Incendium A/S delivers a powerful portfolio of video services that spans development, digital and visual analytics, simplified management and consistent delivery across multiple industries. The IncidentShare GO cloud video supports companies and organizations with reliable video on-demand and streaming services. For more information on Incendium A/S cloud video, please visit

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